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What is a Food Fair?

The Pantry Pride or much known as a Food Fair, a large supermarket chain where you will just see food stalls all over one place. A food fair is like you’re in a circus where you will see different kinds of foods that you haven’t seen before. You will be amazed by its taste and its deliciousness that you will be craving for more. It happens every day in some countries, but to others, it only happens if there’s an occasion. This event is like a food festival where the country will introduce their best menus so you can try them right at the moment.
It isn’t hard to be in a food fair because it is open for public and to all the people, because the purpose of this event is for you to enjoy and to fill your hungry stomachs. The food fair is not that famous in other countries because they have a lack of information and their location is too far in the urban community. The common foods that you are going to see in Food Fairs are cheeseburger, spaghetti, hotdogs, fries, churros, and many more! They may be simple foods, but they can make your eyes attached and your tongue licking all over your mouth.
If you want to experience the life of being in a food fair, why not go to the best places where a simple food fair can be so magical, especially at night.
1. India – Famous because of their hot beef sundae.
2. Texas- They have their hot and sp[icy fried beef
3. Montana – Special fried Butter Balls
4. Kansas – Cold pickle Pop
5. California – Python Kebabs
Those are countries where they’re food fairs are amazing with their best menus to serve hot or cold. Enjoy your stay and make every moment count.