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Best Foods in a Food Fair

In a food fair, you will be seeing different kinds of food that is being sold in small stalls every corner. When you are in this kind of activity, you will experience a world full of foods surrounding you, and all of them are the best and full of deliciousness in every bite. But what are the best foods that will make you satisfied in just one bite? The best foods that will satisfy your cravings, because we know that all of us loves to eat and eat. That’s why we will introduce to you the foods that you need to find and try when you’re in a food fair like these;
1. Caramel Apples
The best dessert is fresh and sweet. They are composed of melted sweet caramel where the apple is being dipped and be filled with sweet toppings like sprinkles.

2. Belgian Waffles on Sticks
They are special waffles that are flavored with chocolate, vanilla, or citrus. They are also sprinkled with chocolate strawberry or vanilla syrup.

3. Deep Fried Oreo Cookies
Made `with real Oreo Cookies it is being coated with eggs and pancake mix, being deep fried until its golden brown. It will be sprinkled with white sugar on top of it.

4. Corn Dogs
Corn Dogs are the most popular food in the world because of its different kinds of ingredients that were combined into one like; Cornmeal, flour, cayenne pepper, salt, baking soda and powder, jalapeno, onion, corn, and buttermilk.

5. Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy’s known to be sweet and somehow very delicious to eat. It is made of Liquefying sugar that will be placed in holes that has heat and air where it will spin round and round until it turn into soft particles that is ready to be eaten.